Chelsea Music provides private lessons of      


However we specialise in the highly engaging extended lessons

These lessons:
  • combine individual learning with some additional group-based activities .......... (transforms development)
  • provide structured and specifically designed learning materials .......... (to expand your progress in multiple directions)
  • can more rapidly build your technical ability and musical expression
  • consolidate original thinking and innovation


               *  we use headphones, mixers & technologies to provide a 'quiet and private' learning environment



Each week students develop their skills across a variety of instruments!

  • electric & acoustic guitar
  • bass guitarDEMOtuitionpic.png - large
  • piano & keys
  • drums
  • song-writing, composition, production
  • music theory



The extended lessons are highly beneficial in terms of:


*  providing a diversity of learning across interrelated platforms


*  enhancing the key foundation skills of technique and expression 


*  strengthening the creativity of students




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 Lesson times are most valuable to students when they provide:


      *  extended learning time for creativity to flourish


            *  well integrated & linked learning materials that promote diversity


           *  opportunities to simultaneously develop technique and original / artistic expression






Song-writing @ Chelsea Music

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This important area will help excel your musical abilities! 


Exploring song-writing and composing is a journey into:


-   musical structure
-   rhythm and groove
-   melody, phrasing and harmony
-   sound layering, arrangement, music production …… and more!






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If you wish to pursue formal exams on a specific instrument (such as AMEB Piano

the traditional 30 minute lesson with a set syllabus may be preferable.





Students learn on quality instruments and equipment,

from leading brands such as;


epiphoneLOGO.gif - large         kawaiLOGO2.jpg - small         marshalllogo.jpg - small      



YamahaLOGO.gif - small           peaveylogo.jpg - small           bcrichLOGO.jpg - small            shureLOGO2.gif - small




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